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At EQUILIA, we believe in the development of a leadership style which inspires, guides, creates trust and commitment jointly with personnel management based on shared values. This approach creates a corporate culture which merges the continuous improvement of productivity, flexibility and quality with the personnel's requirements and visions.



At EQUILIA, we do “artisan consultancy” which is equivalent to making a “tailor-made suit” for each customer.

Every Organisation is its own world and the comprehensive understanding of its unique features is the basis of the solution which we provide.

We deliver excellent services through rigorous work and proven methodology.

We seek to create a close and honest relationship with our customers based on loyalty and trust. We consider this to be the key for the success of our projects and the EQUILIA structure has been designed for this purpose.

On-going Professional Training is our Passion. For us, it is essential to acquire new knowledge, compare new trends with our current methods and keep our skills “up-to-date” . This allows us to continually improve our services and this is what makes our jobs so stimulating.

We love to share know-how and experiences.

We never take anything for granted.

We avoid automatic responses and shun boring routines.

These are the reasons which inspire EQUILIA and the values that we seek to attain on a daily basis. Our values are reinforced by the fact that our customers return with a desire to work with us again to jointly face now challenges.