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Team Coaching involves accompanying a team in the development of their collective performance so that the results of the whole far exceed the sum of the parts.


This process helps the team to develop a high level performance: to design a true and meaningful common purpose, to agree upon high-level performance goals, design efficient work processes, develop high complementary skill levels, achieve better communication, cohesion and trust among the team members simultaneously with the mutual responsibility for the results.


Team Coaching differs from the Executive Coaching concept. Here, each Coach focuses on the relations/interactions among the team members and their impact on the results and not on individual team members.


We offer Team Coaching processes to Organisations which must face challenges that require results based on significant collective performance.


We rely on the professional network of Coaches certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) * with extensive experience in the Consultancy and Coaching sector.



* ICF is the largest International Coaching Federation with over 19000 members and presence in more than 90 countries.