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 “By means of the Coaching process, individuals deepen their knowledge, increase their performance and improve the quality of their life” (Code of Ethics from the ICF-International Coach Federation).


“Coaching helps the person to focus on specific aspects of his/her reality and discover details which permit him/her to make new decisions and achieve better results” 
(Mario Alonso Puig, Doctor-Surgeon and Coach).


At EQUILIA, we consider Coaching as an Art. The Art of Discovery by means of questions and conversations.


Coaching is a powerful tool in the development of the leadership required to supervise business change processes whose primary focus is on people. 


By means of individual Executive Coaching processes, we help executives to question their reference structures, perceive their environment from new angles and analyse their problems with a different focus. The questions and conversations which transform the reference structures permit people to act in a different way and to grow.


We offer the following approach for Leadership Development:


Individual Coaching Processes designed for executives and middle management in order to achieve their objectives by overcoming obstacles and developing their skills.


We rely on the professional network of Executive Coaches certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) * with extensive experience in the Consultancy and Coaching sector.



* ICF is the largest International Coaching Federation with over 19,000 members and presence in more than 90 countries.