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Cultural Changes, personal expectations towards work, market demands, the pressure on the overall productivity of the economy, the review of the workday to achieve greater flexibility, cause Organisations to face their needs for change and adaptation by arranging the work schedule, thus assuring the effective response to customers.


The understanding and response to this social phenomenon are essential to avoid contradictory situations and a feeling of harassment and progressive confrontation in the core relations of organisations. Accordingly, the path which facilitates the Work-Life balance helps to foster a comprehensive review of the approaches and personnel management policies in order to innovate in advance.


There are multiple benefits of Work-Life balance for both companies and their employees:



There is no single formula. What is useful for some, fails to work for others. What can be applied to one sector is useless for other fields. Hence, this does not involve the simple adoption of standard Work-Life balance measures but to integrate a specific and customised Work-Life balance management system in the Human Resources (HR) policies or in the Social dimension of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).


Implementation of a Work-Life Balance Management System.


We study the existing set of resources and activities of each company, carry out a comprehensive analysis and review process of the organisations' situation in relation to their requirements and capacities to offer Work-Life balance policies.


Based on the analysis results, we custom design, develop and implement the Work-Life balance systems. We understand the importance of how all this must fit within the Operational capabilities of the companies we work with.


Preparation to obtain the "efr Certification” (Work-Life balance certification in Spain).


In Spain we are the prescriptive Consultant of the foundation: Fundación Másfamilia.  We provide expert advice and assist companies as they prepare to obtain the “efr certificate”.