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The massive presence of women in the labour force is a reality which requires new formulas and answers. The European Union has adopted several directives concerning Equal Opportunities between women and men in the employment sector and a major legal heritage has been consolidated on this topic. 

The Equality Acts that come into force in different European Countries share this vision and require the Companies to play a more active role and implement good practice.


Demographic studies show that without the contribution of women in the Corporate workforce, Europe's economy would not be competitive. There are socio-economic reasons more than ideological conviction which are increasingly stimulating companies to review their Human Resources policies in order to enhance their competitive edge by reducing external as well as internal risks due to imbalances caused by a values system which is no longer adapted to today's contemporary trends.


Consequently, well-focused and managed Equal Opportunity initiatives not only represent a new Business trend but also an essential strategic value for the economic and social development of organisations.


With our professional methodology and specific tools, we perform equality diagnosis and based on their results, we custom design and jointly establish Equality Plans with each Organisation adapted to their needs and realities.